Hello world!

Welcome to our website! If you’re reading this then we’re probably still making it, but as a reward for getting here early you can enjoy this link to a whole twitter account devoted to cats getting in the way of important research.

We should be launching our “Episode Zero” within the next few days, before we start with the properly intoxicating academic research. In that episode, we’re going to be introducing ourselves and letting you know why we thought we had a cool idea to offer to the world of podcasts. So pull up a pint, get yourself a cocktail or two, make yourself at home in my living room (if you’re reading this in 2020, please take that armchair over there so that you’re at least 2m away) and get ready to hear about some genuinely cool research.

Most of our evenings in the pub turn into asking friends about research / ranting about our research / questioning the poor life decisions that mean we’re not all stinking rich investment bankers right now. And now you can join us! Because, if life as massive nerds has taught us anything, it’s that what people really want is to spend more time with us in the pub. We’ve been wanting to make this podcast for a while now – unfortunately there’s a slight pandemic going on at the moment, which has obviously made it harder to get people in the same room, at the same time, with the same cocktail. But we’ve finally made it, and now we’re excited to unleash our podcast onto an unsuspecting world. We hope you enjoy it at least a little bit as much as we have!


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