…aaand we’re off! Again! But properly this time, starting from One like how most people count

We’re really glad that so many of you tuned in to Episode Zero – I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just my Mum listening to it over and over again on repeat, so that counts as a good start as far as I’m concerned! Thanks very much for the support, it really does mean a lot. And now that we’ve given you a little taste of what me and Paula do on a day-to-day basis, we can get started with the Real Thing. Our first interview will be hitting podcasting services near you this Wednesday! After a short delay, we think that we should now be up on Google Podcasts but if you can’t find us wherever you like to listen then just let us know!

This week we’ll be talking to Josh Cowls, a doctoral student at the Oxford Internet Institute. His PhD revolves around Facebook even more than mine did, because he studies the links between the internet giant, artificial intelligence and ethics – in particular the ways that algorithms interact with online hate speech. He’s also a host of AlgoRhythms, a tech-focussed podcast, and is therefore a lot more well-practiced at this whole podcasting thing than we are. (Well, than I am – Paula’s done this before!)

You’ll be shocked to hear that we actually recorded this in advance (I know, we’re in danger of starting to look organised…) and so I can tell you that it’s going to be a fun and wide-ranging conversation covering everyone from Ada Lovelace to Donald Trump (sorry, he made it in). We hope you enjoy it!

One last thing – we’ve now added a link to our Cocktail Cabinet where you’ll be able to find recipes for whatever it is that we’re drinking in the background. So please do join us for some hanky panky* while you’re listening.


*It’s the name of a cocktail, OK?!

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