…and we’re off!

Episode Zero is now live! With any luck, it should be available wherever you listen to your podcasts – if you can’t find it, it’s certainly available on our home page. I have, and I cannot stress this enough, literally no idea how this works. I assume it’s some sort of magic that Paula is capable of.

We’re getting off to a strong start by completely ignoring our own format for this episode; it’s more of an introduction to what we’re trying to do and a chance for us to chat a little bit about our own work. That means that there’s no guest this week, and no tipsiness either (we’re 7+ timezones apart at the moment). I’m secretly very pleased about this because it meant I didn’t have to try and persuade Paula why it’s often a good idea to start counting at zero rather than one, so having an intro Episode Zero is a definite plus for the programmer in me.

We’ll be uploading our first interview soon, which will be with the amazing Josh Cowls, a doctoral researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute. I promise that one involves much more of us getting tipsy, and also features plenty of great insight into the role of the web in the upcoming US election, which is no longer quite so upcoming (unless you’re one of the 538 people who make the official decision on December 14th.)

So, please spread the word and repeatedly listen to me saying the word “umm” over and over again as many times as you can stand it. If you’ve got any feedback that you’d like to share, let us know by dropping us an email or, even better, tweeting us @ResearchRockPod. See you soon!


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