Research on the Rocks is a podcast which aims to give Paula and Josh an excuse to record the types of fun conversations that we have with other researchers and academics over a pint or two on a Friday night (or Saturday, or Sunday, or…) In each episode, they corner a poor defenceless researcher and ply them with alochol (or non-alcohol, depending on their drinking preferences) until they agree to try and explain what exactly it is that they spend all their time thinking about.

Joshua Bull is a postdoctoral research at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. His research focusses on finding new ways to use mathematics to describe and understand immune cell localisation in tumours and other diseases. In his spare time, Josh plays far too much Fantasy Football and far too little tenor saxophone. His favourite cocktail is the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, or if a gold brick is not available, the Bramble.

Paula Larsson is a Doctoral Researcher in the Centre for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, University of Oxford. Her research has something to do with understanding public perceptions towards vaccinations in The Past. (Josh wrote this description, and he doesn’t know many details…!) In her spare time, Paula helps run Uncomfortable Oxford (an organisation she co-founded to explore uncomfortable narratives surrounding the history of Oxford) and is worryingly good at beating people at strategy games. Her favourite cocktail depends on whichever has the best pun as a name in any given bar.